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Introductory PostgreSQL and HTML 5 (WTH!?)

by on Sunday, 30 October/2011, under Databases, HTML5, PostgreSQL

Nota: Hi my dear readers, despite ChronosBox being a amazing Blog, I’ll focus my efforts on a new blog, with my big friend Handrus Nogueira, so, don’t miss to take a look at Dev With Passion! All ChronosBox posts will be in Dev With Passion, so any content except some new comments will be different :) . See ya!

MySQL is a SGBD very well know, and many people know how ‘use’ it. The PostgreSQL SGBD isn’t so well know as MySQL, and many people just heard about :) . With this fact,  a little ago, I started to develop some introductory slides targeting people at Lightcomm, company where I live 8 hours/day.

The slides is really introductory, so people that know PostgreSQL probably isn’t much interested, but engine behind scenes is engine used in slides at html5rocks.com, entirely based in HTML5 / CSS3 / JS … Actually I developed and used it very well in Chrome, and result is really great!

Development of slides are very very comfortable, finally, is only HTML / CSS. The slides at html5rocks.com come with samples about use of video, audio, SVG and other things, very useful in more complex presentations (let’s say something about Django). I really adopted this method of create slides, their code live at github [1] and you can dowload a tgz/zip file [2] :)

I really suggest you to try. Who are interested, I really like ideas of translations (they are in brazilian portuguese), improvements or that you show-me bugs :)

[1] http://github.com/chronossc/postgres_presentation/

[2] http://github.com/chronossc/postgres_presentation/downloads

See ya

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